Leadership Australia is the premier online gateway to Australia’s charity, philanthropic and not-for-profit sector. A pioneering for-profit social enterprise, they’ve been at the forefront of technological innovation and social change since 1999. We are excited to have them on board to share the knowledge from Collective Impact and support wider engagement around the collective impact framework.

"How we do things better and together is at the core of the Collective Impact discussion. We are pleased to be able to share this vision," says Australia's marketing manager.

With more than 35,000 subscribers, their digital footprint is globally unique and fast-growing. Through a specialist news service, events, products and services, they connect, enable and provide a voice for those seeking to create positive change. This ranges from individuals and those working in not-for-profits to philanthropists and investors seeking to fund socially beneficial projects, government agencies exploring social innovation policy, and businesses supplying into and supporting the sector. They believe in the importance of a robust and engaged civil society, and work to ensure the organisations set up to do good are supported, encouraged and given public visibility. 

News has published a number of opinion pieces by the Collective Impact convenor. If you are attending this event or would just like to know more about collective impact these articles will prove invaluable. Visit the online collaboration website to read more.