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About Collective Impact

Why Collective Impact? Why Now?

Collective Impact is a collaborative framework that provides a new way of working towards better social outcomes.

Across Australia, there are too many communities faced with multidimensional and entrenched social issues. Our social system has typically responded to complex social problems with isolated or uncoordinated programs working towards different outcomes. Despite the great efforts and resources dedicated to social change in these communities to date, conditions are not changing fast enough or in some cases, they are getting worse.  

Collective Impact offers a new way of working with complex social problems with a vision for creating lasting change.

Come to this conference if you want to learn about the opportunities that the Collective Impact framework presents. You will learn in a highly interactive format from experienced practitioners, and take away know-how you can apply the very next day. Participants will emerge from the conference equipped to work across sectors and implement a Collective Impact initiative in your community and will connect to a network of people looking to do the same. 

Why should I attend?

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