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Frequently Asked Questions

The Event

Can I come just for one day?

We don’t recommend this, as this conference is a one day learning and one day practical immersion into Collective Impact. To gain the full learning experience, being there for the whole two days is important.

So our answer is ‘yes’, it’s possible, but not ideal. You must buy a two-day ticket, but you can share this with a colleague. So you can come for one day, and another colleague can attend for the second day.

Pricing and Registration

Sole Trader/Individual Consultant

This ticket is only for sole traders and individual consultants. If you work for an organisation - you'll need to purchase one of the tickets outlined in the definitions below depending on your organisation's size and turnover.

If you want to chat further about this - then contact us on the details below!

How do you define a small or large social purpose organisation?

We define a small social purpose organisation as one employing under 20 people, or with an annual turnover of less than $1m. A large social purpose organisation is defined as one employing over 20 people, or with an annual turnover of over $1m.

Why do you have different pricing for different organisations?

Social purpose organisations and some local Councils face greater constraints on training budgets. It is also important to create a dynamic event at The Social Marketplace where people from multiple sectors come together to learn and simulate a market. Again, we’re trying to level the playing field so that everyone has a fair go at participating.

Is GST included in the price?

Yes - all prices displayed are inclusive of GST. When you proceed through our payment system, the final price will show the amount including GST.

Social Media and Communications

What is the conference hashtag?

I'd love to blog about the conference. Can I?

You sure can. Contact Lyndal Stuart and discuss your proposed topic

I want to follow the speakers on Twitter or LinkedIn before the conference to get and idea of their area of expertise. Can I?

Visit our Speakers page and, where possible, the speakers have provided their Twitter handles, LinkedIn profiles and Facebook pages. Follow away!

Will the speaker presentations be available after the conference?

Yes, to participants only.

Are you filming the conference?

Yes. Films of selected presentations will be available on the Centre for Social Impact and Social Leadership Australia websites and our YouTube channels.

Will media be attending the conference?

We are inviting media to the conference.

Venue, Accommodation and Pricing

I have a disability. Is the venue accessible?

Yes. We can discuss this with you and provide specific information on how to access the .

I’m not familiar with Sydney. Is the venue centrally located?

Yes. The venue is accessible by bus, on foot, by car or bicycle and is located in the heart of Sydney.

I have specific dietary requirements. Do you cater for that?

Yes. When you complete the payment process, please indicate your dietary requirements in the field provided.

Do you have recommendations on where I can stay when I’m in Sydney?

Yes. Please view our accommodation page and if you require further guidance, feel free to contact Francesca Pinzone.